Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jean LENORD (Poss. of Dangerous Weapon, Assault with Dangerous Weapon, Open Container)


    On June 23, 2016 at approximately 20:17 hours, while I was assigned as marked unit East-2, units East-1 Officer Van Nostrand and West-5 Officer Gee were dispatched to the area of 255 Washington Street for a report of a suspicious person. Dispatch quickly updated the call providing information that the suspicious person was a “black male wearing a blue baseball hat and blue checkered shirt and was running into buildings yelling and screaming with a knife and bottle of liquor.” I cleared from the assignment I was on at the time and informed dispatch that I would be making my way to the call as well. As I approached 255 Washington Street, I was flagged down by a witness to the incident XXXXX who was standing in front of Lucky Convenience. XXXXX pointed and motioned into the direction of McGrath Highway. I continued into that direction and as I proceeded through the McGrath Highway under-pass I observed a black male wearing a blue baseball hat and checkered shirt openly drinking from a large bottle of tequila.


     With my cruiser’s blue lights activated, I exited my vehicle and issued the male, later identified as Jean Lenord, verbal commands to show me his hands. I ordered Lenord to place his hands on the hood of my cruiser and he slowly began to obey my commands and make his way to my vehicle. As he approached the vehicle, I removed the 750ml bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila from his hand and tossed it to the ground. I then proceeded to place Lenord into handcuffs in a manner consistent with my training without incident. Officers Gee, Van Nostrand, Canty, Collazo, and Detective Thermidor arrived on the scene to assist at this point. 


     I pat-frisked Lenord which resulted in a folding knife with a blade of approximately 4-inches being removed from his right front jeans pocket. As I removed the knife from his pocket, Lenord spontaneously made remarks such as “It’s because of those f***ing young kids!” and “Those kids ripped me off and owe me money! I asked Lenord what he was doing with the knife and if he had threatened anyone with it and he continued to make statements such as, “These young kids stole my money so I had to! Due to Lenord’s obviously intoxicated state, I did not engage him in further questioning. At this point I asked Unit-200 be dispatched. Lenord was transported to the station by Officers Reece and Canty.           


     During a follow-up at Lucky Corner Convenience, I spoke with XXXXX who states that he witnessed the entire incident and reports the following: XXXXX states he was outside of Lucky Convenience located at 218 Washington Street talking with the shop-keeper YYYYY. XXXXX observed a black male wearing blue baseball hat and blue checkered shirt openly drinking from a large bottle of alcohol walking east on Washington Street. As this male approached the intersection of Washington Terrace at Washington Street, he crossed paths with a white male who had been walking west on Washington Street. XXXXX states that the two engaged in a verbal argument and the black male proceeded to pull out a knife. He held the knife out in an aggressive manner while screaming at the other male. XXXXX reports that he became very focused on the male with the knife and is not sure if the other male ran or walked away heading west on Washington Street or north on Washington Terrace, but the male with the knife proceeded to continue east on Washington Street. XXXXX states that the male then ran into traffic brandishing the knife to cars while still holding the bottle of alcohol. At this point he reports calling 911. The shop-keeper of Lucky Corner Convenience YYYYY also states that he witnessed the incident and confirms the above stated facts.


     Based on the above information Jean Lenord was arrested and charged with violation of Somerville City Ordinance Sec. 9-96 Knives and dangerous weapons, Somerville City Ordinance Sec. 9-1 Alcoholic beverages in public places, and M.G.L. c. 265 §15B Assault with a dangerous weapon (knife). Lenord was booked by Lt. Digregorio in the usual manner.


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