SCATV Youth Media Spots Still Open!

SCATV Youth Media Summer Classes – Registration is Now Open! All of our registration can be done online at There you will find short descriptions of our summer programming, as well as a link to register. *Please note that we still have a number of scholarship slots available, so financial need is not a barrier!

I am including the descriptions of open programs here as well as attaching flyers for each program. If you could please post some at your organization, that would be great–or I would be happy to drop some off! In addition, our Youth Media Coordinator Heather McCormack, would be thrilled to visit your program and do a brief pitch about our summer options. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or forward parents to me if they/you have any questions at all!
Program Descriptions — Summer 2016 

Yo! SCATV Raps!: August 1st-August 5th, 9am-3pm. Ages 10-16. Instructor: Heather McCormack.Wanna be the next Designer? Blow up this summer with Yo! SCATV Raps. Write your own original song, make your own beat, and film a music video. Once you’re done, get a chance to perform your hit live on a real stage! Includes a youth showcase at the Middle East Upstairs on August 6th. Cost: $275.

UNews: July 11th-July 15th, 9am-3pm. Ages 9-13. Instructor: Heather McCormack. Discover your inner journalist! Learn from real TV anchors how to make a news show from start to finish. Conduct interviews, investigate issues that matter, and write, host, produce and film your very own news show that will be screened on SCATV Channel 3. Cost: $200.

Teen Movie Maker Space: July 18th-July 29th, 9am-3pm. Ages 13-17. Instructors: Heather McCormack, Bryce Taylor and Zareiff. Make movie magic this summer with SCATV and Parts and Crafts. Learn the art of film production, from writing to camera work to editing, while collaborating with your peers to create your very own movie. Finally, present your masterpiece at a community showcase with an audience of your peers, parents, and other community filmmakers. Cost: $75-300/week, sliding scale.

Teen Film Critic’s Corner: Thursdays, from July 7th-August 11th, from 5:00-7:00pm. Ages 13-17. Instructor: Christopher Moloney. Do you love movies? Do you love talking about what you love about movies? Come be a part of Critic’s Corner, where we will screen classic blockbusters from the 70s and 80s and record our very own film reviews to be shown on SCATV channel 3. Kickoff event at the Somerville Theater July 7th and concludes with a field trip to AMC Theater August 11th.Cost: $5/movie. (Note: no registration needed–just show up!)

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