Letter to the Editor:Thank you Coach!

Dear Somerville News Weekly,

Robert J Ciampi
Hey William my name is Robert Ciampi my son plays baseball for mayor Coach Curtatone And Herc Kalogeropoulos. The boys were eliminated from playoffs tonight but these 2 coaches have done a tremendous job. They are very dedicated very passionate very patient with all the kids. Both coaches instilled dedication in the team and made sure win or lose they worked hard and won as a team and lost as a team I know I saw a drastic change in my son’s baseball knowledge from just the simple basics to him starting and playing first base and pitching I can’t say enough about how thankful myself and my wife are to Coach Courtatone and to coach Herc. 
Once again would like to thank both coaches for all that you do for some of the Little League and for all that you do for the City Of Somerville thank you

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