Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Gregory RADIN (ABDW – Bottle)

On April 16, 2016 at 0100 AM I, Ofc Radochia, was dispatched for an assault at The Burren in Davis square 247 Elm Street Somerville Mass. 


  Upon my arrival I met with the victim, XXXXX, who was smashed in the face with a 10 ounce glass. A witness to this incident, YYYYY provided a description of the suspect. YYYYY described the suspect as follows; about 6 foot white male, blondish/brown hair, wearing blue jeans and a red/green plaid shirt. Dispatch relayed this description to other units in the area. 


  I asked XXXXX who did it and he had no idea who. XXXXX said earlier in the night the male described above later to be identified as, Mr. Radin, just came up to him and dragged his finger across his face. XXXXX pushed Mr. Radin and said don’t fucking do that again. Twenty minutes later, this same individual (Mr. Radin) came up to him again and dragged his finger across his face a second time! XXXXX pushed him away for a second time. When XXXXX pushed Mr. Radin away, Mr. Radin struck XXXXX with a 10 ounce glass in his face causing several lacerations across his forehead.   


  While I was interviewing XXXXX, Somerville Marked Unit West 5, Officer Driscoll located a male fitting the description given by XXXXX a couple doors down from where the incident took place (Pawn Shop). This individual was identified as, Mr. Gregory Radin. Somerville Marked Unit West 5, Officer Driscoll conducted a show up with the witness, YYYYY. YYYYY positively identified Mr. Radin as the individual who assaulted XXXXX. Officer Driscoll filled out the show up forms and statements made from witness. Mr. Radin had a cut on his right hand which was consistent with holding a glass in his hand while striking someone. After Mr. Radin was identified, I placed handcuffs on Mr. Radin and placed him under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Cataldo Ambulance provided medical attention to Mr. Radin (bandaged hand) and cleared him.


  Mr. Radin was taken to the station by transport # 200 and will be booked in the usual way with a charge of Assault with a Dangerous weapon Chap 265 Sec 15b. XXXXX was taken to Somerville hospital via Cataldo Ambulance. XXXXX was treated for several lacerations to his face which resulted in approximately 30 stitches. Photographs of both the victim, XXXXX and the defendant, Mr. Radin, were taken.



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