Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Steeve MILICE (A&B on Police Officer, Resisiting Arrest)

On Friday April 1st 2016, I, Officer D’Amelio was in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser unit 784 (E4) for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 7:00 AM I was dispatched to 20B Memorial Rd. for a report of an unwanted male sleeping in the stairway leading to the roof access door. Officer Lorenti (E1) was also responding with me.


        On arrival we located an unknown black male sleeping at the top of the penthouse stairs leading to the roof top. He was wearing a puffy gray north face jacket, his shoes were off of his feet and pants were down around just above his knees. The individual woke up and stated that he was staying with his mother in another building, however he was just trying to “get away from people, and he was mad high.” I asked him what substance he was under the influence from and he stated “Klonopin”. I asked him if he had a prescription to which he stated, “no.” I asked him what his name was to which he replied, ” XXXXX.” I would like to note that I have had multiple professional encounters with XXXXX who resides at North St. through past employment with the Somerville Housing Police. This individual did not resemble XXXXX. I asked him for his date of birth and to spell his name for me. After three attempts to spell the name, it was incorrect to my knowledge.


        The unknown male was quick to gather his belongings and walk down the stairs towards us after we were questioning the name he was providing us with. He attempted to walk passed me, however I told him that I needed to properly identify him before he could leave. The individual looked up at us and simultaneously shoved both Officer Lorenti and I backwards about a foot and attempted to flee down the hallway. Officer Lorenti and I quickly recovered and grabbed the individual before he could get down the third floor hallway. After multiple commands to stop resisting and to comply, the unknown male continued to wrestle with Officer Lorenti and I. We were able to control the individual down to the ground however he continued to push and shove his way up and was able to regain position on his feet.


        After approximately one, to one and a half minutes Officer Lorenti and I were able to subdue the individual to the ground once again. At this time we were able to gain control of both of his arms and place him in handcuffs. The unknown male then stated his name was Steve Milice. I asked him for what reason he decided to fight us, and he stated ” I was just trying to get out of the area, there were people after me.” After a search incident to arrest of the Milice there was no incriminating contraband on the his persons. He was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Radochia (Unit 200- prisoner transport vehicle) and to be booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DiGregorio. Steve Milice will be charged with M.G.L. 265/13D- Assault and battery on a police officer X 2, and M.G.L. 268/32B- Resisting arrest.


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer George D’Amelio #324  

Somerville Police Department


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