Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Milton BARAHONA (aka Cristian ORTEGA) (Shoplifting, Furnishing False Name, Chelsea Warrant)

On Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 4:50 P.M., I received a call on my department issued phone from Saks’ Loss Prevention agent, XXXXX, who stated that he had just witnessed a male conceal three pairs of sunglasses in a plastic bag and left the store without paying.


XXXXX gave me the following description: “white male, wearing black pants and dark jacket, carrying a shopping bag” running towards Sport Authority. I observed a male matching the description running in the parking lot and was able to stop him.


The male identified himself as Cristian Ortega D.O.B XX/XX/XX. I recovered one pair of Gucci sunglasses, and one pair of Ray ban sunglasses from the bag Mr. Ortega was carrying. Mr. Ortega dropped a pair of Carrera sunglasses on the ground while running; it was later recovered by XXXXX. 


Mr. Ortega was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Bork, and booked by Lieutenant Rymill.


I conducted a follow up at Saks and reviewed the surveillance footage. I observed Mr. Ortega select a pair of sunglasses then moved towards a shirt rack, using a shirt from the rack as cover, Mr. Ortega dropped the sunglasses in the shopping bag he was carrying. I also observed Mr. Ortega remove a pair of sunglasses from his jacket sleeve and drop them in the shopping bag.


I then went to the station to assist with the booking process. At the booking window, Lieutenant Rymill asked the defendant to state his name and the defendant gave Cristian Ortega as his name and XX/XX/XX as his date of birth.


I reviewed the fingerprint results of the defendant and learned that his true name is Milton Barahona D.O.B XX/XX/XX. I conducted a query in the CJIS database and found a default warrant out of Chelsea District Court for Assault & Battery c265 S13A and Intimidation of Witness c268 S13B.


Mr. Barahona was booked again under his true name for the default warrant, and the following charges:


– Furnishing false name or social security number c268 S34A

– Shoplifting by asportation c266 S30A

– Unlawful removal of theft detection shielding device C266 S30B


Respectfully submitted, 


Officer Samir Messaoudi, #312

Somerville Police Dept.


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