Real Life Somerville Police Stories:John MEDEIROS (Warrants – MV Violations)




On January, 11, 2015, I Officer Orlando Jacquet was assigned to full uniform patrol in marked cruiser 876. While sitting at the intersection of Broadway and College Avenue, I randomly queried a 2004 Acura TSX, from the MDT located in my cruiser. The status of the registration was revoked, due to an insurance cancellation. 

I activated my emergency lights and siren and stopped the vehicle at Broadway and Bay State Avenue. I approached the operator, identified as John Medeiros, and explained the reason for the stop. Medeiros handed me a Massachusetts Identification Card and told me his license was expired. I went back to my cruiser and queried Medeiros’s information and his license status came back revoked/ non-renewable.


He also had three warrants issued for his arrest. I would like to note that all three warrants were for driving after and Mr. Medeiros had seven other driving after offences on his BOP.


We notified Mr. Medeiros of his warrants and placed him under arrest. He was issued citation # R7096362, and his vehicle was towed by Pat’s Towing CO. Two plates were confiscated and I will be filing an application for a criminal complaint for the following charge of 90/23/L/-Operating MV revoked license.


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Orlando Jacquet #331



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