Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Star Market

The following is a brief summary of incident #16001864.


On 01/11/2016, I was assigned in uniform to marked unit East 2. At 1554 hrs, I along with marked unit East 3 (Ofc Fusco) responded to 14 McGrath Highway (Star Market), for the report of a Loss Prevention Officer following a shoplifter out of the store, heading towards the Family Dollar Store. Upon arrival, I observed Star Market Loss Prevention (XXXXX) following a male later identified as Atem Agok by the Medford Street entrance to the Twin City shopping plaza. At this point I exited my cruiser to speak to XXXXX. XXXXX advised me that while he was observing the surveillance cameras, that he observed Atem Agok walk into the store and pick up a tray of assorted prepared foods, totaling fifteen dollars and observed him walk to exit of the store without making any attempt to pay for the item. XXXXX then went on to tell me that Atem Agok was trespassed from the store on 11/01/2015 because of past shoplifting incidents.


I then stopped Mr. Agok with the tray of prepared foods, a short distance away and placed him in handcuffs. I then advised Mr. Agok that he was now under arrest for shoplifting and for trespassing. Marked unit 200, Officer Manfra, was dispatched to transport Mr. Agok back to the Somerville Police Department to be booked by the shift commander Lt. Degregorio.


Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Jason Costa #301

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