Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Garrett OCONNOR (Shoplifting, Receiving Stolen Property, Receiving Stolen Credit Card & Watertown Warrant)


At approximately 4:01 P.M. Somerville Police Dispatch received a phone call from Sak’s Fifth Avenue reporting a struggle outside of the store, between their Loss Prevention Officers and a Shoplifting Suspect. In response, I, in marked unit East One, and Officer Reece, in marked unit East Four responded to assist the Lost Prevention Officers from Sak’s Fifth Avenue.


On scene; Lost Prevention Officers, XXXXX and YYYYY had the suspect under control. The Suspect was identified as Garrett Oconnor. Mr. Oconnor entered the store around 4:00 P.M. and made his way over to the Men’s Contemporary Department. He [Mr. Oconnor] then took a blue winter coat off the shelf and walked over to a mirror where he modeled the coat. Shortly thereafter Mr. Oconnor took the winter coat off and bent down; it is believed here is where he took off the store tags. Mr. Oconnor then put the winter coat back on and exited the store. Outside of the store he was met by Loss Prevention Officers, XXXXX and YYYYY.


A query of Mr. Oconnor via Police database revealed an Arrest Warrant (ref. # WR5156809TC) out of Waltham District Court for Shoplifting ($100.00+). A credit card and Driver’s License under the name of ZZZZZ were found in Mr. Oconnor’s wallet during an inventory search conducted by me [Off. Diaz]. Mr. Oconnor alleged he found both documents on the street, while walking on Summer Street, in the City of Somerville.


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Henry Diaz

Somerville Police Department

East District


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