Reality Bites by James A Norton


It takes a village…yeah a village of idiots.


You know it’s been a while since I bitched and moaned about some of the nitwits that reside in this city and seemingly flourish amongst the ridiculousness that they surround themselves with on a daily basis. You have one in just about every square in this city (Ball Square has a few of these mental midgets) and I have to tell you, the years haven’t made them any less annoying. In fact, the years have made me less accepting of these people and that makes them even more annoying. I better not say anything else, some of them might think they’re being threatened or harassed and need to be protected. Dummies.


Just yesterday on Facebook, there was that stupid posting that went viral – come on, you know the one – about how the Powerball is now $1.3B and the population of the U.S. is 300M, so $1.3B/300M = $4.333M per person = poverty solved! Shake my head. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was buying into it and not taking a minute to do simple math to figure out it’s $4.33 dollars, not $4.333 million dollars. And so off it went into the vastness of the interwebs and it was shared and spread faster than wildfire. Nitwits. Oh don’t get me wrong, the instant I saw it, I noticed the massive error and chuckled to myself. Now I’m not saying I’m smarter than the average bear, but, I have a basic understanding of math – and I am one of those people who actually uses all kinds of math on a daily basis.


So I got back to work and I didn’t want to post anything on Facebook about the problem with that posting until I saw a corrected post which pointed out the insanity of it all. Then I was free to engage, and I did. You’d be amazed at how many private messages you get from people when they’re feeling like they’re being personally attacked. Lots of keyboard heroes out there – get a life and move on.


This newspaper has also come out endorsing Donald Trump for President – which I wholeheartedly stand behind. I do for my own set of reasons, which parallel the reasons set forth in this newspaper, but more so for what I believe in. I don’t have a problem with anyone thinking I am a racist, I am small minded, I am a bigot, I am this that or the other thing because that’s what they think Trump is all about. Because you’re dead wrong. He’s not any of those things, and neither am I. So if you want to label me anything without taking the time to ask me, to my face, why I would support Trump or why I do anything that I do – then YOU are exactly that which you profess to be so vehemently against.


Ignorance breeds arrogance – and the other way around. Try not being either, and you will never have the problem distinguishing one from the other. I’d offer some additional wisdom from Sun Tzu Norton’s The Art of Assclown War, but it’d probably be misinterpreted by some complete douchebag as a threat. #superdummy #cantmakeitonyourown #GMK


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