Real Life Somerville Police Stories:OUI 2nd Offense Arrest

On Saturday January 2, 2016, I, Officer Bork, was in full uniform and assigned to marked cruiser unit 872 patrolling area East 2 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 10:07 PM, myself and E3, Ofc. Monaco, were dispatched to Church Street and Somerville Ave. for a report of an unresponsive male in a motor vehicle.


Upon arrival I saw a motor vehicle pulled over in a bus stop area on Somerville Ave. at the corner of Church Street., both are public ways in the city of Somerville. As I approached the motor vehicle, a bouncer at the bar Thunder Road (379 Somerville Ave.), XXXXX, stated that the male in the car had been there for approximately 40 minutes, and was not responding to them knocking on the window. The door to the motor vehicle was unlocked, and I was able to gain entry and made contact with a male, later identified as Jose Umanzor who was sitting in the driver’s seat slumped over towards the passenger side front seat. Mr. Umanzor was unresponsive to my presence, and after several seconds of a sternum rub, Mr. Umanzor opened his eyes and began to speak. The motor vehicle was running and Officer Monaco turned off the vehicle and removed the keys from the ignition.


I had Mr. Umanzor exit the vehicle and asked if he needed medical attention, to which he declined. As I was speaking with Mr. Umanzor I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from him, he was speaking with slurred words, and his eyes were dilated and glassy. Umanzor was also extremely unsteady on his feet, and needed to lean against his motor vehicle to stay stable. I asked Mr. Umanzor if he was willing to perform a few sobriety tests, and he agreed. Due to the location of the incident and there being a lack of a smooth surface, the walk and turn test was unable to be conducted. I gave instructions to Mr. Umanzor on how to perform the one-leg stand test. Mr. Umanzor attempted to lift his leg to begin the test, but was so unsteady on his feet that I stopped the test fearing that Mr. Umanzor may cause injury to himself.


Based on the above information and my observations, I believed Mr. Umanzor to be under the influence of alcohol. At this time, I placed him under arrest for the violation of M.G.L c90 s24 Operating under the Influence of Liquor 2nd Offense and issued him Massachusetts Uniform Citation #R6636409 for this offense. Umanzor was searched and transported by Officer Cabral Jr. in marked wagon 200 to Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Digregorio and read his Miranda rights.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Christine Bork #327


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