Real Life Somerville Police Stories:(Operating MV with License Suspended & Somerville/Revere Warrants)

On Tuesday December 29th, 2015, I Sergeant Kevin Shackelford was working as Street Supervisor in Somerville Marked Unit #S9. At approximately 2:17am, I was parked at the intersection of Walnut St. and Medford St. (both public ways in the City of Somerville) when I observed a brown Toyota Camry traveling west on Medford St., stop at the intersection of Walnut St. This vehicle was being operated by a white male who I believed to be Mr. Michael Byrne. Mr. Byrne is known to me based on a prior incident where I filed a complaint against Mr. Michael Byrne for receiving stolen property over $250 and operating after license suspension. I am aware that Mr. Byrne’s current license status is revoked and he has active warrants for his arrest.  


When I pulled up to the set of lights facing Mr. Byrne, he immediately made a quick right turn and took off at a high rate of speed north on Walnut St. I estimated the rate of speed to be approximately 40mph in a 30mph zone. Further, under the current weather conditions (snow/sleet) the speed was greater than reasonable. I observed Mr. Byrne take a left turn onto Radcliff Rd. When I made a left turn onto Radcliff Rd., I observed the brown Toyota Camry Massachusetts parked on the wrong side of the road partially blocking James St. abandoned. Mr. Byrne was fleeing on foot down James St. Mr. Byrne was observed running into the backyard of XX James St. heading west, towards Bradley St. While maintaining contact with Somerville Control, the area units quickly set up a perimeter in the immediate area. While I was following Mr. Byrne’s footprints in the snow, I heard someone jumping over a fence. At that time, I heard Officer Cicerone and Officer VanNostrand giving verbal commands from the area of Bradley St. When I made my way over to Bradely St., Officers Cicerone and VanNostrand were placing Mr. Michael Byrne’s under arrest. Mr. Byrne was placed under arrest for three outstanding warrants, operating after license revocation (subsequent offense) and speeding (Ch90/Sec17). 


Mr. Byrne was transported to the Somerville Police Station via Somerville Marked Unit 200, Officer Slattery to be booked by Lt. Lavey. I issued Criminal Citation #R6630448 to Mr. Byrne. Massachusetts Registration was towed by, Pat’s Auto. A board of probation check on Mr. Byrne revealed prior Guilty’s for operating after license revocation, this charge would be a subsequent offense.


Respectfully Submitted,


Sergeant Kevin Shackelford #239


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