Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Tyler MCLEAN (Disorderly, Resisting Arrest) & Brad MCLEAN (Disorderly)

The following is a summary of facts pertaining to incident #15062137:


On Saturday, December 19, 2015, I was assigned marked unit West 6. At approximately 1:15 am I was dispatched to On The Hill Tavern, located at 499 Broadway for the report of a fight. Officer Driscoll (West 5), Officer Goncalves (East 4), Officer Beckford (East 1), Officer Khoury (East 3), Officer Nardone (West 7) and Sgt. Ward (S8) all responded as backup.


On scene we encountered Brad and Tyler McLean who were already outside the Tavern and engaging in loud verbal arguments with what seemed like everybody. We stepped in to try and calm the situation but both Brad and Tyler seemed to become even more agitated. After a few minutes we were able to seemingly control the situation. We tried to usher Brad and Tyler away from the sidewalk in front of the Tavern toward their friends vehicle so they could be driven home without further incident. We walked them down to the Sunoco gas station directly across from Trum Field. At that point both Brad and Tyler became very agitated and tried to make their way back towards the Tavern. We intercepted and told them to leave the area immediately. Brad became very aggressive trying to push his way through us. He was swinging his arms and yelling in a threatening manner. At that point Brad was placed in handcuffs by Sgt Ward. Upon seeing his brother arrested, Tyler became enraged and out of control. We asked him several times to calm down and he refused. Tyler became very aggressive trying to push past us to get to his brother. Again he was asked to calm down and he refused. Tyler also began to yell in a threatening manner and again tried to push past us. At that point, Officer Khoury and I tried to place Tyler in handcuffs. Tyler resisted. Officer Beckford and Officer Goncalves came to assist. Officer Khoury, Officer Beckford, and I placed Tyler face down on the street and tried to free his arms so that Officer Goncalves could handcuff him. Tyler continued to resist. Officer Goncalves told Tyler if he did not free his arms and allow us to handcuff him that she would be forced to use her pepper spray. Tyler resisted and said “f*** you”. Officer Goncalves then gave Tyler a short burst of pepper spray to his face. Tyler then freed his hands and we were able to handcuff him without further incident.


Both Tyler and Brad were transported back to the station in unit 200 and were booked in the usual manner by Lt. Lavey. Brad was charged with Disorderly Conduct c272 s53. Tyler was charged with Disorderly Conduct c272 s53 and Resisting Arrest c268 s32B.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Shaun Clark #321


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