Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Armed Robbery Arrest 

On December 12th, 2015, I Officer James Torres was in full uniform while assigned to marked unit East 1 during the evening shift, along with Officer Devin Schneider. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed that day, as they pertain to incident 15061020-1.


At approximately 9:43 pm, I Officer James Torres, along with Officer Devin Schneider, were dispatched to Oliver Street for a report of an assault where three male suspects were still on scene. Upon our arrival, I observed the victim subsequently identified as XXXXX speaking with Officer Samir Messaoudi, while two suspects subsequently identified as YYYYY (Juvenile) and Abijah Summons speaking with Officer Joseph Morreira. According to Officer Messaoudi, he was flagged down by XXXXX who pointed out YYYYY and Mr. Summons as two of the three individuals who had robbed him.


I asked XXXXX what had happened this evening. XXXXX stated that he had been walking home from work when he was grabbed from behind. Two males grabbed XXXXX, one on each arm, while a third unidentified male put a machete to XXXXX’s neck. One of the three suspects stated, “give me your wallet or I will kill you.” The third unidentified male took XXXXX’s wallet while keeping a machete on XXXXX’s neck, and then ran off with the wallet. XXXXX stated that the two males who stayed on scene were the ones to hold his arms. XXXXX recognized the third suspect as someone who lives at Oliver Street. XXXXX stated that he had $210 in cash in his wallet. I would note that XXXXX appeared to be intoxicated.


Detective Dante Difronzo arrived on scene, spoke to the parties involved. Detective Difronzo will be conducting a follow up investigation regarding the third suspect. 


I then spoke with YYYYY who stated that he and Mr. Summons had just come from the high school; they were smoking marijuana and headed on their way home. This is when they came across XXXXX who appeared to be intoxicated and words were exchanged between the three. I asked YYYYY if there were any other people involved to which he said no.


I spoke with Mr. Summons who stated that he and YYYYY had just finished smoking marijuana and was on their way home. I asked Mr. Summons if anyone else was involved to which he said no.


Officer Morreira while canvassing the area came across a black backpack and a large black knife under a vehicle. This vehicle was located in front of Oliver Street. After conducting a search of the backpack, a mason jar of a green leafy substance was found. It was at this time that I had probable cause to believe that YYYYY and Mr. Summons were the suspects. I would note that Officer Messaoudi witnessed the two suspects on the same side of the street, approximately two car lengths away from where the backpack was found when he arrived on scene.


I informed Mr. Summons that he was now going to be arrested and charged with armed robbery and conspiracy. I then gave Mr. Summons his Miranda warning through reading it off of my Miranda warning card. I asked Mr. Summons a few more questions and he remained with the same story as earlier.


YYYYY and Mr. Summons were transported to the Somerville Police station in prisoner transport unit-200, operated by Officer Brian Pavao, where they were booked in the usual manner. Mr. Abijah Summons was booked by LT. Jeffery Digregorio. YYYYY was booked by LT. Richard Lavey



Respectfully Submitted

Officer James Torres


Badge #329


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