Boston’s Charlesmark Hotel and Lounge Wine Tasting Event Declared a Hit


By: VIA and RMA

Last Wednesday, November 18th, Viasworld TV attended a wine tasting event at the Charlesmark Hotel and Lounge in Boston. This event known as the “Wine Tasting Party” takes place every third Wednesday of every month. By purchasing a ticket as low as $20, each guest is given six samples of different wines, appetizers, a free drink ticket worth $12, raffle prizes, and signature Martini shots. It’s a great opportunity for people to get together and unwind after a long day at work. 
Upon arriving to the event, it was evident that many people had the same idea of how to enjoy their Wednesday night – the lounge was packed. It was a nice crowd of young professionals, mostly from the Boston area. Even though there were many people who attended, the ambiance was calming and comfortable. Groups of friends were able to enjoy their time together catching up on their weeks and sipping on some delicious whites and reds. 
The Viasworld TV team was able to interview a few men and women on their fashion style. They answered the question of how to transition from a workday style to a night out, whether it be a date, networking event, etc. Viasworld TV was also able to speak to the guests about the event itself. Whether it was the guests’ first or third time attending the Charlesmark Wine Tasting Party, they all had positive reviews. The casualness of the event made it easy for people to come straight from work to join their friend group. The staff’s amicableness at the Charlesmark Hotel and Lounge also did a wonderful job in keeping guests happy. Along with enjoying the space and service, the guests also raved about the wine displayed. Many people were pleased with what the event had to offer and will continue to attend in the months to come.
For anyone looking for a casual night of fun on the infamous “hump day,” the Charlesmark Wine Tasting Party has yet to disappoint. Please view Viasworld TV’s soon to come footage and interviews from the event at Also, don’t forget to visit as well as Viasworld’s social media. 

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