Somerville Mayor Thanks Vets “We need to do better by our vets” But Reminds All “We are still at war” 

By Mayor Joseph Curtatone

First off, my deepest thanks to all of the veterans out there for your service. Second, we need to do better by our vets than to recognize their contributions once a year. We are still at war. We have soldiers fighting and dying for our country. I was at the Mass Bay Veterans Center in Somerville this past week and it underscored how imperative it is for us to step up for our current and returning vets.

There are more than 1,180 homeless veterans in Massachusetts and that is just one of the many issues our veterans face. They deserve the very best medical care, mental health care and substance abuse treatment we can provide. They deserve the opportunity to seek higher education and career training, and they need jobs in the civilian workforce. America has to tackle these issues.
More than getting our thanks on #VeteransDay, our vets need us to show our thanks every day, making sure we now serve the needs of those who so selflessly served our country.

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