Tony Lafuente Asking for your vote on Tuesday

It’s that time again – Election Day is almost upon us! And though I am lucky enough to be unopposed for re-election as Ward 4 Alderman, I would still appreciate your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.
During my first two terms on the Board of Alderman, I’ve worked hard to stay connected with everybody in Ward 4. I’ve tried my best to keep everyone informed on the goings-on at City Hall, and in the neighborhoods. I’ve also tried to make sure I’m as accessible as possible and always available to answer your questions, and help if I can.
I’ve also kept the promises I made in 2011, when I first ran for election for Ward 4 Alderman. I’ve never been a Rubber Stamp for the administration, and I’m proud that I’ve offered independent leadership on the Board. I’ve worked with the administration when it’s been the right thing to do, but I’ve always put residents first. 
As Chair of the Finance Committee, I’ve worked hard to keep spending under control and keep tax rates as low as possible.
I was proud to introduce the Nepotism Ordinance in Somerville to help ensure we have the best-qualified employees on the city payroll. 
I’ve been a strong supporter of campaign finance reform to limit the influence of developers in city government. I’m also happy to have sided with the people in the neighborhoods when it comes to new zoning.
I’m aware that you can’t please everybody all the time, but I can truly say that every vote I’ve taken has been with the best interests of the Ward and the City at heart.
It’s an honor to serve the people of Ward 4 and to have the opportunity to play a part in Somerville’s future.
I thank you all for the opportunity to serve and I, respectfully, ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.
Tony Lafuente

Ward 4 Alderman

Tony Lafuente

2 thoughts on “Tony Lafuente Asking for your vote on Tuesday”

  1. You are kidding right? You rubber stamped the assessment and tax increases since you have been elected. You state-here-you support nepotism. Nothing. Nothing has been done with winter hill. You dare to ask for votes.

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