Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Trespassing/B&E Arrest 


On 10/15/2015 I was dispatched to 104 Pearson Ave, For an unwanted party who was in the residence refusing to leave. Officers D’Amelio (West 6), Michael Wyatt (West 5), And Sgt Macarelli (S8) also responded to the residence to assist. Once on location I was met by XXXXX. As I was asking XXXXX about where the unwanted party was located, a male party identified as Thomas McIntyre, exited the apartment and stated, ” Here I am.” I asked Mr. McIntyre to step off to the side so we could have a discussion . While I was speaking with Mr. McIntyre, Officer Wyatt went into the house to speak with YYYYY.


I asked Mr. McIntyre if he lived at 104 Pearson Ave. Mr. McIntyre replied no, I am homeless. I asked Mr. McIntyre why he was at the residence. Mr. McIntyre stated that YYYYY invited him over. I asked Mr. McIntyre how he got into the home. Mr. McIntyre stated that he was allowed in through the front door I asked Mr. McIntyre who let him into the apartment . Mr. McIntyre replied XXXXX. I asked Mr. McIntyre if he was sure about how he had gotten inside. Mr. McIntyre replied yes. I then left Mr. McIntyre in the care of Sgt. Macarelli and Officer D’Amelio, while I went inside to speak with YYYYY and XXXXX.


I asked YYYYY if she had invited Mr. McIntyre to her home today. YYYYYY replied no. I asked if She or someone in the home let Mr. McIntyre into the apartment. She replied no, YYYYY also went on to state that she was out with her mom and was not even home when Mr. McIntyre gained entry to the apartment. YYYYY then explained how she had returned home with her mother to find Mr. McIntyre laying on the couch watching television. YYYYY then told me that her mom asked ” How the f*** did you get in here!” to which Mr. McIntyre replied I climbed in through the window.


I asked YYYYY if she had asked him to leave. She replied yes, multiple times, but he would not leave. At this point I exited the home and placed Mr. McIntyre into custody and called for the mobile detention unit to transport Mr. McIntyre back to the Somerville Police Dept. Where he was booked by Sgt Fusco. YYYYY was advised of her 209A rights by Officer Wyatt prior to us leaving the residence.


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph S. Teves #297

Somerville Police Dept.



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