What’s New in Ward 2 with Alderman Maryann Heuston

Two great way to get involved in Somerville

It’s been a little while, but I hope you all had a wonderful summer! I wanted to let you guys know about two great opportunities that are just around the corner to get involved in the community. First, a message from the founder of the Beacon Street Neighborhood Association, Adam Portney:
Residents of Ward 2 and specifically Beacon Street residents, businesses, and abutters: Over the past year, on the premise that Beacon Street is a neighborhood lacking an identity, I have been working with residents of Beacon Street (including Alderman Heuston), local businesses, the bicycle community, and the city to start the Beacon Street Neighborhood Association.  
We are building a true Neighborhood Association, one that is equal parts commercial and residential. One that works to sustain the rising tide for all of us that call Beacon Street home. One that engages residents and businesses to work collaboratively towards developing a strong identity for Beacon Street, promoting the area not only as a unique and diverse business district, but also as a united community, enhancing social connectedness throughout the corridor. 
Up to now there have only been a few meetings, but there is a plan for an event in late October and meetings, including one on Saturday September 19th. Please attend and join the conversation. 
Please contact me at Aportney@gmail.com to learn more and how to get involved and visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/BeaconStreetNA.   
Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting and or event. 
Adam Portney
Founder – Beacon Street Neighborhood Association
This Saturday, September 12th, from 12-3pm at Powder House Park is the Annual Somerville City Democratic Committee Picnic. This is a chance to meet fellow Democrats, elected officials, and special guest State Attorney General, Maura Healey. All are welcome to attend, have some lunch ($5), register to vote, and learn more about the Democratic Party and its activities here in Somerville.
I am the Chair of the Ward 2 Democratic Committee. If you live in Ward 2 and want to join, see me at the picnic or reach out to me. We could use more folks for the Ward 2 Committee.
Get involved now the Presidential Election is just around the corner!!!
Be sure to get engaged on my website and follow me on Twitter for up to date news on all the issues and events in Ward 2.
Until soon, 

Maryann Heuston

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