Introducing VIASWORLD


By: VIA and RMA


Silvia Via aka VIA created VIASWORLD in order to expose the culture of all genres of art. She wanted to bring art to corporate America’s front door step. The acronym VIA stands for “Very Important Artist.” All artists feel their art is important and at VIASWORLD, we feel all art and artists are important as well. They deserve exposure and a chance to be discovered.


VIA is an artist herself. She understands what an artist goes through from a creative side and the struggle it can be to share and market your personal artwork. VIASWORLD is a company that will hold special events, showcasing all genres of art. We will market and advertise artists through our social media and also through our news and press. VIASWORLD currently writes for the Boston News Group and Somerville News Weekly, which together reach thousands on print and over 100k online. VIASWORLD combines public relations from writing and visual standpoints. We conduct videos and all of our events will be filmed. We will also feature artists of the month with video content, showcasing the artists and their work.


People can shop at VIASWORLD under fashion and product. Consumers will be able to buy “I AM A VIA, VERY IMPORTANT ARTIST, VIA” T-shirts along with other brands like MOM (Money Over Men, Mind Over Matter), a brand to empower and salute the hard working women of today.  


VIA has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years from modeling, hosting, interviewing and acting. There is a separate section in VIASWORLD’s website to book VIA for any work you feel would be a good synergy with your company or product. She is available for Media, Print, Commercial, Hosting and Acting bookings. 


VIASWORLD, in conjunction with its sister company Una-Via, LLC, is a special events company. Using artistic flare, we will custom tailor clients’ needs with any type of special event desired. VIASWORLD loves to think outside of the box. 


We urge you to have fun and take the time to get lost in http://www.VIASWORLD.COM 


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about VIASWORLD’s products, brands, and services, please contact with a detailed email. 


Thank you for visiting #VIASWORLD 


Please join our world



Twitter: @VIASWORLD_


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