The Somerville/Medford News Weekly Favorite Birthday Photos of the Week

Many Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and square this week! Happy Birthday greetings go out to Bridie Glejzer, Craig Resmini, Ashley Jorge, Johnny Passanisi, Christopher Dennis Di Guardia, Michelle Sousa, Koni Palmisano, Laura Murphy, Tina Zanelli,

Cheryl Shannon, Susan Pfeifer, Kat Rutkin, Brandon Toro, Kelly Bombino, Rita VanSteensburg, Laura Dupont Vellucci, Tom Hagerty, Stacie Howe, Tom Passanisi, Rene Payzant, Danielle Connell, Debbie Gillis, Sharon Deyeso, Hen Coffey, Donna Dill MacAuley, Manny DaCosta, Douglas Sanford, Colleen Sullivan Madden, Kellee Charron, Christine Siraco, Anthony Canejo, Ray Zonghetti, Sharon Calleran, Michael Catino, Susan Campbell, Derek Powers, Debbie Nolan, Maureen Graziano, Fred Castle, MariaManuela Bairos, Gravin Guillen, Frankie Santangelo, Neil W. McCabe, June Bilikas, Rob Buchanan, Tommy Hardy, Cliff Toppi, Lu Ro, Carl Stagliano, Michael Walsh, Eva Montibello, Tricia Hazelton, Lucy Lees, Janet Bokuniewicz, Kara Nicoloro Quinlan, Jimmy Kane, Lindsay Prendergast, John L. De Simone, Patrick Healey, Patty Hanberry Gately, Irene Bremis, Debbie Mahoney, Denise H. Mancini, Kristen Wiltshire Czerwonka, Danielle Westphal, Molly Quinlan, Mike Janedy, Celeste Sillari, Kimberly Pedersen, Jon Nathan, Frank Novello, Holly Boyden Saulnier, Isa Paula Rossi Vieira, Cecilia Estevam, Happy 4th Birthday to Quinn Avery, and Happy Birthday to Miss D’Oliveira

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