Real Life Somerville Police Stories:LICENSE REVOKED AS HTO, OPERATE MV WITH c90 S23

Eugene POINDEXTER Arrest

On July 17, 2015 at approximately 1944 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau. I was conducting speed enforcement on Route 16 (Alewife Brook Parkway), a public way and posted 30 MPH Zone within the City of Somerville. I observed a 1968 Lincoln Mark 3 color yellow, NH 68-LINC, traveling south on Rte 16 at an estimated 55 MPH. I directed my lidar unit at the vehicle and got a reading of 54 MPH as it passed vehicles at a quick pace. The vehicle was traveling in the left lane and I lost the lidar signal as the beam struck a tree while I attempted to keep tracking its speed. The vehicle passed my location and I re-acquired its speed on Lidar at 51 MPH and locked it in at 50 MPH at a distance of 309.2 feet. I immediately activated lights and siren and pulled out in an attempt to stop the MV.

Other vehicles were slowing or moving out of my way but the Lincoln just kept going south on Rte 16. As we approached a small grouping of vehicles at the intersection of Broadway the vehicle went through the intersection and started picking up speed again. I moved into the left lane and pulled ahead of the vehicle, then I moved partially into his lane to get him to slow down and stop. The MV slammed into the rear of my vehicle leaving a dark skid mark in the roadway and causing his left front marker light to break. The vehicle came to a stop and I immediately exited and told the operator, the defendant in this matter, to let me see his hands. The defendant opened his driver’s door and I stated loudly in an authoritative tone, get your hands up. The defendant seemed angry and asked why “What did I do?” I told the defendant he was doing in excess of 50 Miles per hour past all the kids’ fields. It was at this point that the defendant shouted “I wasn’t going fast at all”, and I detected an odor consistent with an alcoholic beverage emanating from his person. I radioed dispatch and Unit west 7, Officer Paul Anderson, arrived on scene. I requested the defendant’s license and registration, which he initially dropped the I.D. Card, and was handed a registration and New Hampshire I.D. Card. As the defendant handed me the documents he stated “Oh Man, I’m going to jail”. I asked why he would say that and he stated “My license is Suspended”.

        I queried the defendant through dispatch and learned that his license in Massachusetts was Revoked and he was also Suspended out of Vermont. The defendants New Hampshire I.D. card came back not on file, and he showed no record of a license status in New Hampshire. While I was speaking with Sergeant John Marino, the Street Supervisor, Officer Anderson asked me if he could conduct the inventory search and I stated “yes”. While conducting an inventory search Officer Anderson discovered five small NIP bottles of Smirnoff Vodka, two of them opened. I took those bottles and later tagged them as evidence. I informed the defendant that though I believe his consumption of Alcohol contributed to his bad judgment I did not believe he was over the legal limit. I did place the defendant into custody for Operating after Revocation, Speeding, and Refusal to Stop for Police. Unit 200, the mobile detention unit was summoned to the location and transported the defendant to the Somerville Police Station for booking by Lt. Sean Sheehan. The defendant’s vehicle he was operating was Towed from the scene to Pats tow.


                       Respectfully Submitted,

                                    Ofc Robert W Hickey


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