Somerville Alderman-At-Large Mary Jo Rossetti Update

Please forgive my not keeping in touch over these past 2 months. Budget Hearings filled my weeks the month of June and the recent passing of my mother-in-law filled my days and evenings as our family embraced our final moments together.

For those of you who responded to my pre-budget discussion e-mail, please be assured I brought your comments and concerns to the table. In the end, following intense debate, discussion and cuts, the Board of Aldermen unanimously passed next year’s budget. You have my word that I shall continue to closely monitor expenditures and ways we can lower the tax burden of our residents.

Looking ahead, I plan to continue to closely monitor the Administration’s recommended REVISED Zoning Overhaul Plan. Multiple community meetings will begin once again early Fall. I do hope you can join in this important discussion.

Additionally, I will hold the Administration to their word of presenting a new Snow Emergency Parking Plan to this Board next month. I heard your voices loud and clear as I chaired the Public Hearing this past winter.

Increasing our community’s Open Space, recreational opportunities, turf vs natural grass has become another hot topic on my radar screen. I shall continue to request that the Administration prioritize this matter.

Assisting families addressing the medical condition of drug dependency at long last has become a priority at the State level. We must assure service availability each and every time there is a need. Our work continues…

This evening I will be attending a Traffic Study meeting as we continue to address the ever-changing world of mobility.

The above represent but a few of the very many important matters before us. I have attached a link to the BOA’s meeting page. Soon our Committee Meetings will reconvene (beginning end of August). Their agendas are always posted. I encourage you to contact me if see an agenda item of concern to you. As a reminder, these meetings are OPEN to the public.

I remain proud to represent your voice. Please do keep in touch. I’m an e-mail away….

Mary Jo
Chair, Committee of Legislative Matters

Link to Meeting Calendar – City of Somerville, Massachusetts:

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