Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Drug Arrest


Gary LEGOR Arrest

During the evening of June 27, 2015, members of the Somerville Police narcotics unit set up surveillance in and around the area of East Albion Street based upon receiving previous complaints of on-going drug activity.
On Thursday, June 25, 2015, at approximately 7:20 PM, I was contacted via cell phone by a person known to me who was observing what they believed to be a drug transaction on East Albion Street. This cooperating source, hereinafter referred to as CS, stated that a black male with dreadlocks had came from the walking path (which connects the Mystic Housing Development to a dead end street on East Albion Street) and approached a black Oldsmobile operated by a middle aged white male. CS stated that the operator’s vehicle had a Massachusetts Registration of 799ZS6. I queried this registration via the CJISWEB and discovered that the registered owner was Gary Legor. I am familiar with Mr. Legor from a prior field observation/interview when I observed him exiting the walking path onto East Albion Street.

After CS described the black male with dreadlocks, I showed him a license photo provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles of XXXXX, which he positively identified as the second party involved.

At approximately 7:55 PM, I observed XXXXX exiting his vehicle which was parked on East Albion Street. As he exited his vehicle, surveillance units observed a black Oldsmobile drive down Ash Ave, take a right turn on East Albion Street, and park in a manner that blocked an Ash Ave residents rear driveway. XXXXX walked past the vehicle, down the walking path, and into the Mystic Housing Development. I repositioned myself and was able to confirm that the awaiting Oldsmobile was the same vehicle observed on June 25th via the rear registration plate by CS. Within approximately 5 minutes, XXXXX was observed by Detectives Legros and Cicerone exiting the walking path and approach the waiting Oldsmobile on East Albion Street. XXXXX and Legor briefly met for roughly 30 to 45 seconds and began to depart. Based on our collective training and experience, along with CS’s descriptive information, and my previous interactions with both involved parties, we believed this meet to be consistent with a street level narcotic transaction.

As XXXXX fled the scene, Detectives secured Legor and escorted him out of his vehicle. I placed Legor in handcuffs and advised him of our observations. I asked Legor, “Where’s the coke you just bought?” to which he replied, “In the ashtray.” I opened the ashtray and recovered a glassine bag containing a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine (preliminary weight of 3.1 grams). In the presence of Detective Legros, I provided Mr. Legor with his rights pursuant to Miranda (via a card), to which he stated he understood. Mr. Legor admitted to paying $100 for the bag of cocaine, and denied meeting XXXXX in the past. I then advised him of the exact time and date he last met XXXXX, which he stated, “I got nothing to say.”

Based on these facts, Mr. Legor was arrested and charged with the following:
1. Possession of Class B substance, cocaine.
2. Conspiracy to violate drug law.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Michael Capasso #285

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