The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week Linda Brown


Linda Brown has been a teacher in Somerville for over thirty one years.

She had taught first grade at the former Saint Anthony’s School on Somerville Avenue for thirteen years until it closed its doors for good a few years back.

Once the school closed she began substitute teaching in the city for the past ten years and she also works as a waitress part time at the Mount Vernon Restaurant in Somerville as well where she continues to put smiles on peoples faces when they recognize her and reminisce of their early childhood days .

Linda as a teacher has taught many children in the city over the years that have nothing but good fond memories of her to this day.

She is a well respected woman, a big part of many of our children’s childhoods and very well liked by all whom have been fortunate enough to meet her.

Over the past three decades she has made many friend here in Somerville and she has also become part of many of our families throughout the years who cherish the memories of growing up here in the Ville.

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place and we thank you for all that you have done for our children.


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