Somerville High School Ready to Make History on “World Record Day”

SOMERVILLE, MA – How can high school students leave a legacy at one of Massachusetts’ oldest public schools?

By breaking the world record for “most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously.”

On Tuesday, June 2nd at 3PM at Somerville High School, “World Record Day” will showcase Somerville High School students in grades 9-12 attempting to break the current record of 49 people to stand up simultaneously with their arms linked (set by the Glory Global Solutions Management Team in Himeji, Hyogo, Japan).

The student-organized event will culminate a yearlong project that was launched last spring by four sophomores: Flavia Martins, Ella Sprick, Anika Kawsar, and Spencer Pitkin. With 1,200 students from 30+ nationalities, Somerville High School “will be celebrated outside of our town with this record,” said Martins, class president. “This exciting opportunity could unite our student body even more.”

The event – which consisted of weekly practices, social media campaigns, and documentations – requires all participants to sit on the ground, with their arms-linked to each other, and attempt to stand-up as a circle. If any part of the body touches the ground, or if the link is broken before everyone has stood up, the attempt must restart.

Photo and video evidence will be sent to the Guinness World Records Headquarters in England afterwards, where judges will determine if a new record was set. The school will receive verification of their attempt status this summer.

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