Somerville Three New Inspiring Candidates To The Playing Field Could Be A Good Thing

Elect Vivaldo Meneses Jr
Candidate for
Somerville’s Ward 3 School Committee

It’s never too early to hit the ground running to help a fine community as we have here in Somerville!
Vivaldo (Valdo) Meneses Jr Candidate for Somerville’s Ward 3 School Committee

My name is Vivaldo (Valdo) Meneses Jr. and I will be a candidate for Somerville’s Ward 3 School Committee seat.
My story begins at Logan Airport in 1969, where we just landed from Azores, Portugal to begin a new life in America. Since 1972 my family and I have been residents and business owners of Somerville. A 1980 graduate of Somerville High School, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in September 1980.
During my 20 year career I was fortunate to serve in overseas tours including Gulf War 1 and Southeast Asia zones. Unfortunately, my military career was curtailed in October 2000 due to disabilities that I incurred.
Education was always a priority for me, so while on active duty I attended night school. I received a BA from Granite State College, attended University of Southern California MBA program for 1 year and recently attended
Massachusetts School of Law (2008 – 2010). I bring to this job strong administrative skills, leadership and a commitment to public service. Giving (service) back to the community came in many different forms. Whether as a Freemason, member of King Solomon’s Lodge in Somerville or as President of the Cambridge Lions Club via its founders the Somerville Lions Club and also as an affiliate of the Somerville Lions Club (2012 – 2015), or as a Shriner, I feel service to our community builds and strengthens character in our leaders.
Why me for the job? I feel that my leadership attributes from the military and life experiences, give me the edge on looking “outside the box” for solutions to current complex situations. I am seeking your endorsement

Elect Andre Green Candidate for
Ward 4 Somerville School Committee

As the grandson of sharecroppers, the product of public school education and the first person in his family to complete a BA, Andre Green knows the power of a quality education to create opportunities and change lives.
Because of his commitment to quality public schools for everyone, he’s a candidate for Somerville School Committee for Ward 4.
After graduating college at 19, Andre moved to Somerville to teach 5th grade at the former St. Benedict’s school in East Somerville, a job he calls “the hardest thing he’s ever done.” It also taught him the importance of doing everything possible to ensure teachers have the training and resources necessary to be successful.
After teaching, he worked briefly as a case manager in a juvenile detention center, teaching parenting and substance awareness classes. This experience left him committed to education, prevention and treatment being the keys to dealing with substance abuse. It also demonstrated the consequences of a school system that didn’t connect with all its students.
A former small business person, Andre knows the need for efficiency in management. He will work to streamline processes to increase the amount of money spent in the classroom – where it does the most good. As an IT consultant, he worked with schools to implement technological solutions for both management and curriculum.
For the last six years Andre has worked at YouthBuild USA, an organization that helps disadvantaged youths get their GED or High School Diploma while developing job skills and building affordable housing in their communities. During his time as a Data Analyst for them, Andre became well-versed both in the importance of good assessment as an integral part of system improvement and the dangers of bad incentives derived from poorly thought out assessment systems.
Andre is currently working on organizing and Federal advocacy for YouthBuild. He recently helped shepherd a 2 million dollar increase in funding for disconnected youth through a Republican House. Andre has the skills to bring people together to get things done.
Andre was an inaugural member of the Somerville Academy for Innovative Leadership, a partnership between the Kennedy School of Government and the City of Somerville to improve the quality of community leaders in the city. As part of that initiative, he has served the last 18 months on the Somerville Human Rights Commission, working to protect constitutional, civil, and human rights of all people in the city. Additionally he serves on the board of the Welcome Project, an organization committed to improving the status and well-being of Somerville’s immigrant population.
Andre lives with his wife Jessica and their daughter Madelynn on Governor Winthrop Road in a house that has been in her family since the 1950s. An avid trivia fan, Andre is a past champion on the television show “Jeopardy!”
Lance Davis
Candidate for Ward 6 Alderman


It was with great pleasure that the Committee to Elect Lance Davis for Ward 6 Alderman announced a campaign kick-off event last week at Redbones.
Committee members and friends of Lance Davis introduced this new candidate for Ward 6 Alderman of Somerville and current Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz was a guest speaker.

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