Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Counterfeiting



On May 8, 2015 at 1:39 p.m. I observed the defendant Said Janale entering and quickly leaving different stores at the Assembly Row Mall in Somerville. I found this behavior suspicious since Mr. Janale was known to me as a less than reputable individual. I sat in my unmarked cruiser a short distance away to monitor his activities.

I later saw him enter the A.C. Moore located at 145 Middlesex Avenue. While I waited for him to exit, I ran his name with Dispatch and learned that he had an active warrant for his arrest (Docket#1458CR000763) out of Hingham district court. I summoned for backup and waited for the arrival of the area assigned officer, Kevin Shackelford.

When he arrived on scene, we entered the A.C. Moore and observed Mr. Janale at one of the cash registers conducting a transaction. I made my way over to his location and placed him in custody. While I handcuffed Janale, Shackelford observed some loose one hundred dollar bills sticking out of his front sweatshirt pocket.

Shackelford grabbed the bills (four in total) and immediately determined they were counterfeit. He made me aware of a crime bulletin recently disseminated by Somerville Police Crime Analyst Mackenzie Richardson via an in-house department e-mail to all Somerville Officers. The e-mail warned the latter to be on the lookout for Janale and his activities with counterfeit money in Somerville and surrounding cities and towns.

Shackelford requested the money that Janale had just used for payment from the cashier, xxxxxxx. Upon closer inspection, the money used was a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill. With the fake money, Janale purchased a set of ear phones for one dollar and ninety cents (tax included) and received ninety eight dollars and ten cents in change (real money) from Ms. Dicicco.

Janale was transported to Somerville Police headquarters and booked by the Officer in charge, Lieutenant William Rymill. Per protocol, I contacted The Secret Service and informed them of the incident. Special Agents Craig Donnet and Sean Holt responded to the police station to further investigate.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Jonathan Thermidor

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