Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Disorderly Conduct at Johnny D’s and Resisting Arrest



On the above date and time while assigned to cruiser West Six, I received information from Lt. McCain of an extremely drunk person passed out in Johnny D’s 17 Holland St.

Upon my arrival, along with cruisers 5 and 7 and the Supervisor and Lt. McCain, I spoke with Ms. xxxxxx the manager who stated she and the bouncers asked the patron, later identified as Mr. Brien, to leave multiple times and he just wouldn’t leave and telling everyone to get lost and they would regret it if they tried to get him out. Due to Mr. Brien’s size, the manager and the bouncers let him sit in his seat until closing to see if his attitude calmed down, but to no avail.

After waking up Mr. Brien, he was extremely angry and didn’t want to leave his seat, all the while causing a scene with the other patrons. We kept asking him also multiple times to leave and he kept refusing and taking up a stance similar to a fighting stance. Lt Rymill directed Brien to place his hands behind his back but he refused, and so we grabbed his arms to escort him outside and he resisted and we couldn’t move him outside. We eventually got him on the ground, after a struggle, and put him in cuffs.

Mr. Brien will be charged with Chap 272 Sec 53 Disorderly Conduct, Chap 26 Sec 120 Trespassing, and Chap 28 Sec 32B Resisting Arrest. Mr. Brien was transported to the Station via transport number 200 and will be booked in the usual way by the commander.

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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