Somerville: Union Square Station Associates (US2) To Open Union Square Headquarters

Space Will Help Fulfill Vision of Union Square As An Employment Center

Somerville, MA – Union Square Station Associates (US2), the City’s master developer partner for Union Square’s revitalization, announced today it has signed a lease to open a headquarters in Union Square.

The headquarters will be located at 31 Union Square, the former home of Elegant Furniture which closed last fall and has been vacant since. The 2,500 square foot ground floor space will be staffed by a full-time US2 representative who will be available to field questions and provide general information about the Union Square revitalization. The space will serve as a headquarters, meeting space and a central hub for the recruitment of commercial tenants to fill space in the new development area and in the entire square.

“We have been listening to the community and have heard loud and clear how important boosting commercial activity in the square is to Somerville’s future,” stated US2 President Greg Karczewski. “From our new headquarters, we will be working aggressively to build awareness of the business opportunities presented by the Union Square revitalization.”

US2 is also working with a strategic partner to create a coworking space that will fill a majority of the space. The shared space would offer affordable, communal office space along with common office amenities to entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and other types of growing businesses that find synergy from working alongside each other. The US2 coworking partnership is a first step toward fulfilling the City and Community’s vision of Union Square as an “Employment Center.”

“The addition of new coworking space in the heart of the Square is an important next step in establishing a stronger commercial base and adding more daytime traffic. Not only will it will be a great addition to the local innovation and creative community, it will help boost local business, attract jobs, and in the end, convince entrepreneurs and employers to move to the Square,” said Karczewski.

The US2 headquarters opening and its ongoing participation in the City’s Business Program are components of US2’s economic development plan for the Square. That plan was one of the things that separated US2 from many of the other respondents to the City’s initial Request for Proposals.

“US2 put a great deal of thought into how they would create jobs in the Square. This is a positive step in the right direction,” stated Stephen Mackey, President of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce.

US2 expects to renovate the space and open the new headquarters in the next couple of months. If you are interested in becoming a member of the coworking community, please contact US2 at


Union Square Station Associates (US2) has been selected by the Somerville Redevelopment Authority (SRA) as the master developer partner for the Union Square revitalization plan.

The development team is working in partnership with the City of Somerville, the Somerville Redevelopment Authority, the Civic Advisory Committee, residents, property owners and the entire Union Square community to design and implement the redevelopment of seven development blocks identified in the state-approved Union Square Revitalization Plan.

US2’s goal is to work to achieve the goals outlined by the community in SomerVision. Those goals include creating new jobs, public open spaces and housing opportunities for the broadest range of residents possible. The master developer is also charged with preserving and fostering the Square’s historical character and “funky vibe”.

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