Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Assembly Row



This is a summary of events that occurred on 03/12/2015 at approximately 12:55 PM, I Detective Michael Faria while working as Delta 8 in the criminal investigation bureau, in a plain clothes capacity.

Today as I was driving through the Assembly Sq. area, I was flagged down by the property’s security and they informed me that a male tried to cut off tags on shoes in the Adidas store but was unsuccessful. I would like to note that I have spent time in the Assembly Sq. area and the security officers that work the area are familiar with myself and my unmarked police vehicle.

The property security informed me that the male was now inside the Converse store. I parked my vehicle and they told me the male was wearing a black coat and jeans. I entered the Converse store and as i got to the back of the store I observed a white male wearing a black coat and jeans. The male later identified as Jesus Huertas DOB 09/17/1981 selected a pair of shoes off the shelf and turned his back to me and concealed it down his pants. Mr. Huertas then proceeded to the front door past all the registers and exited the store, where I approached him and identified myself as a Somerville Police Officer. Mr. Huertas then returned back into the store and removed two pairs of shoes valued at $99.98(receipt attached).

Mr. Huertas was then placed under arrest for shoplifting by concealment and was transported to the Somerville Police Department via unit 200, operated by Officer Gardner and booked in the proper manner by Lt. Mulcahy

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