Remembering Somerville Alderman Tom Taylor and a Message from Celia Taylor


Please spread the word and come to our tribute, our Celebration of the Life and Love of Tom Taylor on Sunday, April 26th from 4 to 8 at the Somerville City Club across from the Holiday Inn.
Just thinking of happy times, looking back on my posts and reading what people have been saying about Tom made me realize that this Celebration that has turned into something different is still important. I know I need even more help now especially emotionally. Whatever you offered to do… please still do. We also need someone to make and somehow continuously show pictures of Tom on a DVD and another one with the 2 tributes at the BOA Chambers. We would need a couple of people to take photos and others to take videos. All food help is still appreciated. Also please send or bring your remembrances, stories, photos, cards, notes , etc., I’ll be heading back to Somerville after Easter. Thank you for your many kindnesses.

Former Somerville Ward 3 Alderman Tom Taylor has passed away at 12:30pm on Wednesday afternoon March 11th.

Tom Taylor has served for over 2 decades as Ward Alderman, a Somerville Lions Club Member and he was a big part of Somerville that will be sorely missed.

Thank you Alderman Tom Taylor for all you have done to make Somerville a better place!










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