PorchFest 2015 registration is now open

Event Date:
Saturday, May 16 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
PorchFest 2015 will be on Sat. May 16th

For more information on registration visit:

PorchFest 2015 registration is now open.

Please have a good jpeg image ready before registering; you’re page will lookmuch better! And take advantage of inserting a mp3 link.

On Saturday, May 16th musicians and bands throughout Somerville will celebrate and utilize anunderused public venue: The Porch. Acts—ranging from Bollywoodfunk, cosmic Americana, killer blues, Moroccan,Balkan, gospel, American space rock and claw-hammer banjo—will serenadepassersby from porches throughout Somerville.

There are three time slots are based on three quadrants of the city;east to Central will be 12-2; Central to Willowwill be 2-4; west of Willow4-6.

Be sure to view the band profiles complete with urls andmp3s found on the map.

About PorchFEST

In 2011, the Council created a decentralized music festival–PorchFest. Perhaps you’ve sat on your porch and overheard a neighbor strumming guitar on another porch? Porchfest takes this idea and multiplies it. This is not a festival per se but rather a community event where Somervillians share their love of playing and listening to music. Think of Somerville Open Studios, which is for visual artists, but for music.

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