Here’s this Week’s Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week Choice and You Decide!



The Decision to Do Away With Parking Spot Savers!

Was it a good decision to do away with parking spot savers? With all the snow accumulation that we received and with all these rolling parking bans going on, where is one to park on the roof?

Should there have been given a little leeway to the people to park until things got a little back to normal? Or did someone just jump the gun on these parking rules?

So with that being said we found it more than fit to name this Decision to do away with parking spot savers as this week’s choice of “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week!”

Respectfully submitted by the people, for the people, because we are the people!

Does this topic deserve to be the “Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week”, we don’t know who does so you decide!

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One thought on “Here’s this Week’s Somervillen Voice Topic of the Week Choice and You Decide!”

  1. I could have told you what to do with them. Leave them alone until you clear the streets of the massive mounds of snow. This looks like the city self – created the problem and now wants to make a feel good game of it.

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