Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Assault and Battery on a Police Officer


Kovalski arrest

I, Officer Joseph S. Teves, was working in full uniform assigned to the station man position at the Somerville Police headquarters located at 220 Washington Street in Somerville Massachusetts. At approximately 16:52 PM Officer Michael Cabral Jr. transported an incapacitated male , identified as Joseph Kovalski DOB:12/31/1961 to the police station to be placed into protective custody. From this point forward Mr. Kovalski will be referred to as the defendant. Prior to Officer Cabral Jr. arriving at the station we were informed that the defendant was being uncooperative and aggressive. I then exited the station man area to assist Officer Cabral Jr. with the defendant. When Officer Cabral Jr. arrived, the defendant was removed from the back of the transport vehicle ( Unit 200 ). Officer Cabral Jr. and I then escorted the defendant to the booking window to perform a search of the defendants clothing to prevent any contraband or harmful objects from entering the holding cell, where the defendant would be spending the next several hours. During the search it was noticed that the defendant had on multiple sweat shirts that had draw strings located in the hood portion of the shirts. The defendant was given the option to either have the draw strings cut out of the shirts or he could remove the shirts all together. The defendant requested that we remove the shirts as opposed to cutting the draw strings. At this point we informed the defendant that we would be removing the handcuffs from his wrists. After the handcuffs were removed the defendant began to remove his sweatshirts.

During the process the defendant stopped and asked what my name was. In the spirit of keeping the situation calm and friendly I replied ” My name is Joseph just like you” at this point the defendant extended his hand to offer a friendly handshake. I in turn went to shake the defendants hand and when our hands made contact the defendant trapped my right hand with his left and began to apply pressure. I calmly stated to the defendant ” Now Mr. Kovalski you are going to let go of my hand correct.” The defendant did not reply to my statement but continued to ramble on applying more pressure. I then used my free left hand to remove his left hand. However before I could remove my right hand from his grip he trapped my hand again and began to squeeze tightly. I then repeated my previous statement two more times hoping that the defendant would respond and release my right hand. However the defendant did not. I could feel the defendant begin to twist my hand as he had it locked into place. I then realized that the defendant was no longer going to cooperate. I then twisted my right hand in a clockwise motion while stepping back and to the side. Once the back side of the defendants left arm was accessible I used the knife edge of my left hand on the back side of the defendants left arm to perform an arm bar takedown. As the defendant was taken to ground his head made contact with the floor. The defendant began to bleed and I asked Officer Cabral Jr. to alert Cataldo so we could get the defendant medical aid. Cataldo arrived on location and the defendant was transported to Somerville Hospital. East 2 operated by Officer Randy Isaacs followed the ambulance to the hospital.

While at the Somerville hospital Officer Isaacs and I stayed with the defendant while he was examined. During this time the defendant called Officer Isaacs a ” Nigger ” and began using other derogatory terms for African American individuals. eventually the defendant fell asleep due to his drunken condition. A few hours passed and the defendant had some time to sober up. while in a coherent stated the defendant made several statements to me directly about building pipe bombs and coming for my family. The defendant also went into detail about how he was going to disarm me and place my department issued firearm against my head. After several hours at the hospital the defendant was medically cleared and transported back to the Somerville Police station where he was Booked by Lt. Marino in the usual Manner.

In closing the defendant will be charged with the following crimes
#1 Chapter 265 Section 13 /D/A Assault and Battery on a police Officer
#2 Chapter 275 Section 2 Threats to commit a crime.

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