How Does Somerville Feel About Space Saving? With Joe Lynch


We know there are folks who are passionate about this. Tell us how you feel about saving a shoveled out parking space.

OK by me…….I have a driveway.

Not right at all. If I see a space, I take it.

I shoveled, I park. Respect the cone. (or chair, or barrel, or spare kid)

Within reason. A few days tops.

Depends on who is saving. I like to bust neighbors I dislike.

One thought on “How Does Somerville Feel About Space Saving? With Joe Lynch”

  1. Being elderly and have had open heart suregery I had to pay a man $50 to shovel out my car. I had to go to CVS and someone pulled into that space that I just paid for. I think the city should allow us to save the space with a marker of some sort for anyone 70 years and older,

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