Ward 5 Somerville News By Mark Niedergang


The Somerville Board of Aldermen (BOA) is re-examining the time frame for shoveling sidewalks and will hold a public hearing Tues, Feb 3, 7 PM in City Hall.

Please come and share your thoughts or you can submit comments (and photos, too) to the City Clerk, at jlong@somervillema.gov. Also, please comment here! You can find a brief summary of the new regulations here: http://www.somervillema.gov.

Many Ward 5 residents who live on the even side of the street were upset yesterday when City plows covered their sidewalks with snow when they came through to widen the roadway in side streets. But there is some good news! The longstanding City policy of allowing parking only on the odd side of the street during a snow emergency, year after year, will be changed in future years, the Mayor’s office just announced.

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