Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Shoveling out a winter wonderland. Or not.

So this snowstorm was a hoot, wasn’t it? I am not complaining, because I literally took the day off and did nothing. I think I looked outside once and chuckled at the snow, but that’s about it.

I know, most people don’t have the luxury of working at home. Trust me, it’s no luxury when you factor in a house full of people at any given moment and people always needing rides, but, when everyone is out working or at school or anywhere other than here…it has its moments. Other than the flexibility of schedule and the ability to take a day off whenever you need to without fear of being docked pay, the benefits trail off dramatically.

That being said, the last day and half saw six of us ranging in ages from 16 to 46 in the same house. There were no fights, no yelling and there was very little noise – I have to say that while it took me by surprise, it was a very pleasant way to spend a wasted day. My wife and I even spent the day off Facebook – doing things around the house, relaxing and spending some quiet time.

Oh sure, there were Facebook moments to catch up on a few things – the Close Friends / Family list news-feed saw plenty of action – but that was a quick ten minutes here and there today. Nothing even close to a normal day for either of us. That was the biggest surprise and I have to say the most pleasant. I hate being distracted by pedestrian bullshit online and quite frankly, my clients all worked today, so while I was taking the day off, I still had to fend them off – fully blaming the bad weather. Poor me.

So here it is – Tuesday night and we all just had a turkey dinner my lovely wife Lynda prepared and now we will drink Irish Coffees and eat some of her homemade dessert. It could have been a lot worse today, for sure – for those who were stuck or needed assistance and had difficulty, I am sorry for your troubles today. For me, I will take a few more of these storms before Spring, no problem. #GMK

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