City of Somerville (Official) Blizzard Preparations:

-The Snow Team will meet Monday a.m. to determine snow emergency and any closing plans. Expect announcements on Monday.
-Plan ahead for …possible power outages and difficult travel Tuesday into Wednesday.

A blizzard watch is in effect starting on Monday at 7 p.m. through Wednesday at 1 a.m. The City Snow Team will convene early Monday for a final review of the morning forecasts before we announce snow emergency plans and any closings. With more than a foot of snow predicted, expect both unless the forecast changes.

Plan Ahead for Parking:
If you will be out late Monday evening and are leaving a car parked on the street, plan ahead by parking on the odd side as a precaution. We have to wait to confirm the forecast before we call an emergency, but you don’t have to wait for that call to move your car just in case.

Plan Ahead for Power Outages:
Power outages and difficult travel are forecast for Tuesday into Wednesday. Obtain any needed medical prescriptions in advance. If you rely on an electric stove, prepare meals in advance. Have flashlights handy. Check on neighbors who may need assistance now to help them prepare.

A Word on Shoveling:
Our new sidewalk shoveling ordinance allows us to extend the amount of time you have to shovel your walkways when we have large amounts of snowfall as are expected with this storm. So stay tuned for updates on that.

Get Informed:
Learn all there is to know about Somerville snow emergency guidelines to stay safe, do your part, and avoid getting a ticket at

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