What about Charlie? By Neil W. McCabe

The reluctance of the mainstream media to publish offensive cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammad tells you all you need to know about how our elites operate.
Over and over again we are told that Muslims are peace-loving and that Islam is a peaceful religion. But, when
their own personal safety is at stake, our leading newspapers, news channels and news websites absolutely refuse to publish anything would offend Muslims.
Make no mistake. No one said their self-censorship was a matter of taste or an endorsement of restraining public discourse. The reason was: We are afraid of Muslims killing us.
Not my words. Theirs. #ouch
From my own perspective, talk of terrorism or a dangerous religion are quite different from when I was growing up.
Back in those days, whenever I heard the word “terrorism,” I assumed it was a sideways knock against the Irish and any talk of the dangers of religious fervor was a reference to the Catholic Church and a misguided interpretation of the Crusades, the Inquisition or one of her many stands against an encroaching government.
The days of anybody being afraid to ridicule Catholics and the Catholic Church are long over, but after 26 years, the Associated Press finally took down its photo of “Piss Christ.” I think they did it yesterday after being called out as hypocrites.
“Piss Christ” is a photograph by Andres Serrano of a crucifix in a cup of the Serrano’s own urine and, please, how many fancies and swells lined up to praise and defend that piece of work? A: All of them.
In fact, ask 10 or 20 people in Diesel Café right now if they think “Piss Christ” is offensive. Believe me, you will find they all are fans. Now, ask the same question in a coffee shop in Dracut, Foxborough or Sturbridge—but, I digress.
Our own President Barack Obama is certainly uncomfortable associating Islam with terrorism. Obama classified the Nov. 5, 2009 Fort Hood, Texas, shooting as workplace violence—despite all evidence to the contrary. The president reluctance is so steadfast that although Congress has authorized the Pentagon to award Purple Heart to the soldiers killed that day by a gunman in touch with Al Qaeda screaming phrases in praise of Allah, Obama’s Department of Defense continues to let the opportunity pass.
As for the Jan. 7 attacks on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher grocery store, the White House condemned the attacks as inexcusable.
This is in stark contrast to White House’s 2012 condemnation of Charlie Hebdo for its habit of ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad.
Methinks, the 2012 condemnation is a lot closer to the president’s true heart. Consider that the only action the president took in response the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi was to arrest the idiot who posted a video he made about Mohammad on YouTube.
That guy was held in jail without hearing for months—and his insults of Mohammad were directly blamed by the U.S. Government for the murder of the American ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.
Well, so what?
The bottom line is that America and Americans are under attack. There may be good reasons, but as an American, I am not interested in having that discussion.
The French tried to have that discussion and, well, look what they got for it.
Whether the swells want to acknowledge it or not, it is bigger than cartoons.

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