Community Note: Plaques Still Available for Purchase through Historic Preservation Commission for Historic Somerville Properties

Somerville’s Historic Preservation Commission (SHPC) reminds Somerville homeowners that if your home has been determined to have
historical significance, plaques are available for purchase through the City’s Historic Plaque Program. Eligible homeowners can purchase the plaques from the SHPC for $50, which is at-cost from the City’s vendor. Each plaque identifies the historic name of the house, based upon the first one or two owners, and the date of construction or, if not exactly known, “circa” is used. The SHPC is making these plaques available again to eligible homeowners at a reasonable cost to increase awareness by both residents and visitors alike of Somerville’s historic assets. To learn more about the Historic Plaque Program, which is not offered on a regular basis, please contact Historic Preservation Commission Executive Director J. Brandon Wilson at 617-625-6600 ext. 2532 or

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