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Dossantos arrest age 49

On January 6, 2015 (victim) came into the Somerville Police Department to report a credit card fraud. The victim went to the Framingham Police Department on 01/05/2015 and reported to Officer Blue #317, that on
January 1,2015, he met a female later identified as Cristina Dos Santos on a Brazilian dating website, The victim drove to Kilby St. in Somerville, Ma. where she resides. They then drove to the Red Roof Hotel in Framingham where they had a date. The next day January 2, 2015 Dos Santos suggested they form a car dealership together as the victim owns a tow company. Dos Santos offered to pay for half of the dealership license. The victim agreed and wrote her a check for $400.00 (which is half the full amount of a dealer fee of $800.00 from his business account). It should be noted that the victim stated he did not write the check to Dos Santos, he left the “to” line blank. The victim then dropped Dos Santos home on Friday January 2, 2015 at approximately 1100.

Over the weekend the victim stated that he received several “800” number calls to his cell phone. When he finally answered, Bank of America notified him that his personal checking account was being used in Somerville, Ma.. The victim explained that he does not use his debit card regularly. He checked his wallet and the card was missing. The victim went to the Mandarin Chinese restaurant located in Union Sq, Somerville ( the card was used there twice on January 2, 2015. The victim was able to determine that Dos Santos used his stolen debit card to make fraudulent purchases, because the delivery slip was to her address and her cell phone number was associated with the order. The stolen credit card was also used at Midnight Convenience Store located at 15 Union Sq. Somerville, Ma. where they were allowed to view the security footage. The victim confirmed while watching the footage that Dos Santos did enter the store and make a purchase using his stolen credit card.

The victim showed me the video he recorded on his cell phone and I reviewed the footage and knew immediately who the suspect was. It should be noted that on December 12, 2014 I was assigned a case of check fraud and the suspect is Cristina Dos Santos. I filed a criminal complaint on December 23, 2013.

The victim informed me that he was meeting with Dos Santos today to discuss the dealership plans. I then had him make a call to Dos Santos and meet at Target located at 180 Somerville Ave, Somerville. Ma. The suspect showed up and was placed under arrest the above mentioned charges. When the suspect was asked to produce identification, she stated that she did not have an actual ID because it was suspended. The suspect was transported to Somerville Police Department for booking.

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