Letter to the Editor: “Kellie’s Wish” by Friends of Kellie, John Gore, Jim Murphy, Michelle Coakley, Wendy Just, John Gore and Paul Craven


Dear Friends and Family Kellie Vye is a longtime friend of 40 years. We grew up together in Somerville, went to the Healey School and grew up in the Mystic Projects. I got to see Kellie tonight after many years. The

inspiration that she brings to life everyday needs to be recognized because in 2012 at the young age of 43 Kellie was diagnosed with breast cancer which led to a double mastectomy. In June of this year they found a cancerous tumor on her brain which was removed and all seemed to be getting better. Well in November she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and given a year before the Chemo will no longer be enough to keep her alive. In sitting with Kellie tonight I asked her what kind of a trip she was looking to take and what time frame. She said she would love to go to Aruba and I would like to go in the March/April timeframe. Folks when I tell you that all this woman could do was smile and say I choose to be happy the rest of my days was one of the most inspiring things I have ever witnessed in front of my face. Her weekly routine is waking up on Wednesday and taking herself by train into Dana Farber in Boston for a 3 ½ hour chemo treatment and then has the strength to get back on the train and back to Medford. She then feels sick for 2 days; starts feeling a little better on Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday are her best days. Then back at it again. Kellie is a sister, mother, a grandmother and a wife to Patrick for 21 years. Kellie told me there are 2 things that she wishes for in the coming year. One is to take her husband on a vacation for a week to leave the trains, buses, doctors’ visits and everything else behind for one week to enjoy each other. The other is to see her son get married in September at the Andover Country Club. Only God can fulfill the 2nd Wish but friends and family can make the 1st wish come true. So I will ask anyone who reads this to think back with the ALS challenge when we all poured ice over our heads and broke records for the foundation because of the power of the people with some help from Social Media. Kellie’s YouCaring link has been up for over 3 weeks and has only raised $75 towards this trip. Well I can tell you thanks to a handful of people we got that to $1000 in one night. She needs $7,000 more to reach her goal and get her wish. Attached you will find Kellie’s link. I know a lot of people have their go to charities; some money is tight and other dealing with their own health issues but to put in perspective. If we get 700 people to donate $10 she meets her goal, 1400 to donate $5. Thanks in advance for reading, sharing and donating. I will set a date for 5 weeks and see what we can make happen. I am tired of hearing about all the bad and look forward to making something good happen for someone who is doing everything she can to smile and cherish her life.

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