Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Miller arrest Age 32

On the above time and date, while assigned to marked unit East 2, I along with several units responded to Highland Ave (Somerville Hospital) for
the report of a male being violent in the Emergency Room. Upon arrival, I along with East 1 (Officer Pulli) were met by the RP/Victim who is one of the nurses on scene, and was visibly shaken. She stated that she along with another nurse walked into room #4 to check on Thomas Miller’s condition who was being treated for alcohol intoxication. She then approached the bed, and leaned over to speak to Thomas, who was lying in his bed. Thomas then sat up on his bed, and threw a punch at her, which missed her. She then called for security, whom came in the room to calm Thomas Miller down. Thomas then spat at security guard’s chest, and pushed him.

I, along with East 1 (Officer Pulli) then walked into Room #4, where we observed a male with no shirt on, identified as Thomas Miller screaming profanities at the security Guard. I then advised Mr. Miller to calm down. Mr. Miller then began to yell profanities at me, and he then threw his shirt at me. Officer Pulli and I then handcuffed Mr. Miller for our safety, and escorted Mr. Miller to his bed where he sat down. I then began a conversation with Mr. Miller, with East 4 (Officer Kim) present, to see what was going on with Mr. Miller. Observations made of Mr. Miller indicated that he was intoxicated, and the smell of alcohol was evident as we attempted to speak to him. After a short conversation with Mr. Miller, he continued with his profane language which escalated as he spat at my chest. At this point, I placed Mr. Miller under arrest for the above referenced charges. Marked transport unit #200 was requested to transport Mr. Miller back to the Somerville Police Station.

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