Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Hendsbee arrest age 63

I was in uniformed patrol in East two and was dispatched to Putnam Rd for a motor vehicle accident. I arrived at 83 Putnam Rd and observed a blue Ford Escort license plate Ma 3596BX which had struck from behind a parked Vehicle Ma 428BE7. I further observed
two people on the sidewalk. The first person was the driver of the Escort, Ms. Laura Hendsbee . The other person owned the parked car that was struck by Ms. Hendsbee’s vehicle.
I asked, Ms. Hendsbee if she was the owner of the Ford Escort, in a slurred voice, she stated the car was heir’s and that she was driving. I noticed a strong odor of alcohol and that Ms. Hendsbee was unsteady on her feet. I asked for another cruiser and Officer Monaco in East one arrived.
I spoke to the owner of the other vehicle and he stated to me that he was in his home across the street on Putnam Rd. He stated he heard a revving engine. He looked out his window and saw Ms. Hendsbee inside her vehicle which was up against his wife s car. He ran downstairs and his wife called the police. He observed Ms. Hendsbee behind the wheel of her motor vehicle and the engine was running. He reached into the car and turned the motor vehicle off and took the keys.
I asked Ms. Hendsbee if she had been drinking and she stated yes she had been drinking. I told her she had a strong smell of alcohol coming from her breath. I asked her to recite the alphabet and she was unable to complete it in order. I also told Ms. Hendsbee to wait for me to finish my instructions as to touching her finger tip to the tip of her nose, she did not let me finish and kept touching her fingertips to the side of her nose .
I arrested Ms. Hendsbee for operating a motor vehicle on a public way based on the motor vehicle accident, my witness observing Ms. Hendsbee behind the wheel of a motor vehicle with keys in ignition and the vehicle was running. My observations of Ms. Hendsbee s unsteadiness, the failure of field sobriety tests ,her glassy blood shot eyes, the slur in her speech, the odor of alcoholic beverage coming from her mouth, Ms. Hendsbee stating she had been drinking alcohol and that she had been driving on a public way.

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