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Francey arrest age 22

On Friday December 19, 2014, I, Officer Matthew Khoury was patrolling in marked unit East-4. At approximately 1:00 A.M., I was dispatched to the area of James Street and Pearl Street for
two suspicious males looking into and checking door handles on vehicles, East-1 Officer Messaoudi, East-3 Officer Costa and S-8 Sgt. Ward were also dispatched. The witness, who was calling from Radcliffe Road, informed dispatch that the males were wearing dark clothing and looking into cars. The witness also stated to dispatch the males turned onto James Street and were walking towards Pearl Street.

At this time Units arrived in the area and Officer Messaoudi spotted two males wearing dark clothing at the corner of Medford Street and School Street. The two males immediately started to run from Officers when they saw police vehicles. Both males fled east on Medford Street and jumped over the cement barriers meant to keep the public off private property and ran behind 358 Medford Street, the building at this address is private property owned by the City of Somerville with all entrances to the building boarded up and the opening to the driveway closed off by cement barriers.

One male, later identified as Keith Francey was detained by Officer Costa behind the building, owned by the City of Somerville located at 358 Medford Street. Mr. Francey was wearing a black hooded jacket and gray sweat pants. The other male jumped onto the train tracks that run parallel to Medford Street and ran east towards the Walnut Street bridge. Myself and Officer Messaoudi searched the train tracks from the area behind 358 Medford Street down to the Cross Street bridge but could not find the other male.

When I arrived back at 358 Medford Street, Mr. Francey had been searched by Officer Costa and a silver folding knife with a silver and black handle was in his possession. The knife was approximately 4 and 1/2 inches. When asked why he ran when he saw the police, Mr. Francey said he did not do anything wrong. Mr. Francey also stated he was on his way to his girlfriend’s house. I asked Mr. Francey where his girlfriend lived and he said he did not know the name of the street. I also asked Mr. Francey why he ran behind the building at 358 Medford Street and he said that is the way he travels to get to his girlfriend’s house. I would like to note that Mr. Francey was apprehended in a fenced off area behind 358 Medford Street with no access to any street.

At this time I went to speak with the witness. He stated that he was walking his dog in front of his residence at Radcliffe Road when he saw two males wearing dark clothing walking down either side of Radcliffe Road coming from Walnut Street. He said that he witnessed both males placing both hands onto and looking into the windows of the parked vehicles on the street. He said there was one male on either side of the street looking into the parked vehicles. I would like to note that there were vehicles parked on both sides of Radcliffe Road. He then said the male on the left side of the street checked a door handle on a Pontiac. He then stated that the same male noticed the witness and signaled to the other male and both males then turned off of Radcliffe Road and onto James Street walking towards Pearl Street. At this time I went back to 358 Medford Street and placed Mr. Francey under arrest.

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