Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Killackey arrest age 31

On December 12, 2014, at approximately 5:51 P.M., while working a paid detail at Twin City Plaza in full uniform, I was dispatched along with
marked unit East Two (Officer Manzelli) to McDonalds for a report of an unwanted, possible drunk. McDonalds is located at 14 McGrath OBrien Highway and is part of Twin City Plaza, shopping center.

On scene, the restaurant manager, pointed to the back of the store indicating where the unwanted person was located. Officer Manzelli and I made our way towards the unwanted person. Officer Manzelli recognized the unwanted person as Jimmy Killackey.

The moment Jimmy saw Officer Manzelli and I approaching him he quickly got up on his feet and took a confrontational stand. Officer Manzelli asked Jimmy what he was doing, if he had been drinking and that he had to leave. Jimmy responded that no one had asked him to leave. We conveyed to Jimmy that management wanted him out and that he needed to leave. Jimmy got defiant by putting his hands inside of his coat pocket as if to insinuate that he wasn’t moving. Due to officer safety, Officer Manzelli asked Jimmy to take his hands out of his coat pocket, but Jimmy refused to do so and ignore the command. Officer Manzelli and I attempted to escort Jimmy out of McDonalds; Jimmy started to resist becoming forcefully defiant. I decided to place Jimmy on the floor as to avoid either running into or falling over one of the tables occupied by kids and adults. Once on the floor we had to struggle with Jimmy to place the handcuffs on him as he was refusing to give us access to his right arm by placing it underneath him. Jimmy had been loud this whole time, but got even louder once the handcuffs were placed on him. Everyone sitting in the area where Jimmy was located had now stopped eating and stared at us. We escorted Jimmy outside of the establishment and he continued to be loud to the point that one of the drivers waiting in line at the drive through had to yell at him to shut up. I was also able to see a female inside of her parked car just staring at us. Jimmy was also carrying in each back pocket of his pants a can of beer(2 cans total). Jimmy was transported to Police Headquarters via the prisoner transport vehicle (200) operated by Officer Soares.

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