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Brooks arrest age 32

On December 5, 2014 at approximately 3:15 PM, Officer A. Catatao and I (Officer Mark Nevin, #300) were dispatched to Kmart for a shoplifting incident. We arrived within moments of

each other and walked to the loss prevention office where we met with loss prevention. He explained that he caught Mr. Keith Michael Brooks stealing a box containing 1 fluid ounce of Chrome Azzara Eau de Toilette valued at $27.99 USD. A voided receipt was provided showing the value. A picture of the receipt is attached to this report and the original will be submitted to the property room as evidence.

In addition to the perfume, loss prevention officer discovered a weapon on the defendant’s person. The weapon is actually three weapons in one. It contains a spring assisted black metal blade approximately 4 inches long, a handle with black spiked metal knuckles, and a spiked heal made of shiny metal. The blade is inscribed with the following “TAC-FORCE SPEEDSTER MODEL”. A photos of this item are attached to this report. The weapon itself will be submitted to the property room as evidence.

Mr. Brooks was placed into custody for shoplifting 2nd offense, possessing a dangerous weapon in violation of city ordinances, and for a default warrant. He was transported the Somerville Police Department for booking.

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