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Pollard arrest age 23

On Monday, December 1, 2014, I was on duty (in full uniform) and assigned to Assembly Row as unit A-2. At approximately 12:00PM, Sgt. Kennelly told me that he was flagged down by witness near the intersection of
Assembly Row and Artisan Way. The witness is employed at Assembly Row in a security capacity. Sgt. Kennelly stopped and spoke with the witness who informed him that a representative from the Puma Store had reported a potential larceny. The witness was also able to point out the individual in question as he was sitting on a bench nearby. Sgt. Kennelly approached the male suspect and identified him as Mr. Kyle Pollard. Mr. Pollard was uncooperative with Sgt. Kennelly initially, especially when Sgt. Kennelly inquired about the contents of his backpack (Mr. Pollard would not allow an inspection of the bag). At that point, Officer Pasqualino and Officer Lorenti arrived on scene and stood with Mr. Pollard as Sgt. Kennelly followed up at the Puma Store.

Sgt. Kennelly said that he was greeted at the Puma Store by a store employee. She told him that she noticed Mr. Pollard enter the store with an empty backpack. Mr. Pollard allegedly walked around the store and removed several items from the shelves and racks. He then purportedly went into the fitting room and came out with a full backpack. Most of the items that he took into the fitting room had apparently disappeared when he came out. She told Sgt. Kennelly that he abruptly left the store after exiting the fitting room.

As Sgt. Kennelly followed up with her at the Puma Store, Officer Pasqualino and Officer Lorenti spoke to Mr. Pollard. Officer Pasqualino told me that Mr. Pollard admitted to stealing several articles of clothing from the Puma Store and dumped out his bag. The contents of the bag included a Puma Ferrari jacket, two Puma Soft Shell Shirts and a Converse hat. Each of the Puma items still had the tags on them and the hat was still in display condition (it appeared as if the tags had been removed). I had arrived on scene at that point and Mr. Pollard was placed under arrest for the charge of “Larceny over $250”. He was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters.

After Mr. Pollard was placed under arrest, I followed up with the employee at the Puma Store and returned the items that Mr. Pollard had stolen. She provided me with the same set of facts that she had given to Sgt. Kennelly with regards to Mr. Pollard’s activities in the store. She also told me that they had Mr. Pollard’s movements on video from the store’s surveillance system and the footage could be made available upon request.

I then went to the Converse Store and showed a store employee the hat that we had found inside of Mr. Pollard’s bag. I asked if they sold hats that looked like it in the store and was directed to a rack at the front of the store. I was then greeted by a store employee who is the store manager. I explained the circumstances to her and she promptly checked the security footage from the store’s surveillance system. She was then able to show me a video of Mr. Pollard entering the store. Shortly after entering, I saw him (on video) pick up the hat from the display, look around, and shove the hat into his pocket. He then leaves the store without paying for the hat. She explained that the video footage could be made available upon request should it be needed in the future.

After following up I informed Lt. Rooney that I would also be charging Mr. Pollard with one count of “Shoplifting by Asportation” for his activities within the Converse Store.

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