Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Mento Arrest Age 35

On November 4, 2014 I, Officer Gravin Guillen was in full uniform and assigned to marked unit E-1. At approximately 14:17, I was dispatched to McGrath Highway, Stop and Shop Supermarket, for a report of a shoplifter who has no identification and appears under the influence.

Upon arrival, I spoke with Loss Prevention personnel and the alleged shoplifter, who was later identified as James Mento. I was also accompanied by, (S416) Sgt. Kiely. Loss prevention informed me that he had only stolen a lighter. The amount of this item was $2.49. I asked if anything was on his person, he told me that he had already taken everything out of his pockets, and had placed all personal items on the table. Among other items, four needles were on the table. Mr. Mento told me that he had used one of them to inject Suboxone. Upon examining the needle, I observed an unknown residue on the needle. I conducted another search for my safety. I then asked him to take off his sneakers. At this time Mr. Mento appeared nervous. His body began to shake, and was unable to verbalize his responses. As he removed his shoes, I noticed an unknown item moving inside the right sneaker. He then tried to hide the unknown item, placing his foot back into the right sneaker. He then removed his foot from the sneaker, took both sneakers in his hands, and shook them with the toes facing down so nothing would come out. When I asked to see them, his apprehension to this request increased and he became more nervous. Upon searching his sneakers, I found a closed napkin, which appeared to have something wrapped with in. Upon opening the napkin I observed an orange pill, which appeared to be Suboxone. Mr. Mento was unable to produce proof of having a prescription for this controlled substance. As I held the napkin containing the orange pill, Mr. Mento stated, ” it’s Suboxone”. Based on my training and past experience with this particular controlled substance, I placed the defendant under arrest.

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